waste concern projects

Preparation of Sanitation and Drainage Improvement Strategy and Master Plan Project for the City of Chittagong

Client: CWASA/The World Bank
Description of work: Under this project Waste Concern Consultants is providing Senior Solid Waste and Sanitation Expert for the national and international consultants team (Grontmij, Aqua and IWM), for preparation of strategy, action plan and master plan for solid waste and faecal sludge management sub-component of the project. Providing input for design of a pilot faecal sludge treatment plant as well as collection option of faecal sludge. Moreover, also responsible for preparation of business plan for faecal sludge management. Also responsible for identification of solid waste management projects for collection, storage, transportation, recycling and disposal of solid waste as well as sanitation projects and prepare capital cost and operational cost of different projects for financing by the World Bank
Location: Bangladesh
Period: January 2015 to June 2017