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Pro-poor and Sustainable Solid Waste Management in Secondary Cities and Small Towns

Client: UNESCAP, Thailand
Description of work: a) Providing advice/guidance in participating towns in refining and operationallizing Integrated Resource Recovery Center (IRRC) approach.
b) Providing advice/guidance in participating cities on developing town wide strategy on municipal solid waste management based on up-scaling of IRRC, recover capital costs through carbon credits/NAMA
c) Piloting of co-composting technology in one city for management of human excreta
d) Piloting of biogas to electricity and bio diesel technology
e) Organizing of training programs on solid waste management, sanitation, business plan preparation, CDM for local government and NGOs/private sector of Asia and the Pacific Region.
Location: Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Cambodia & Indonesia
Period: November 2009 to April 2016