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Bulta, located in the Narayangonj district southeast of Dhaka, holds the distinction of being the world’s first compost plant based on carbon trading. Waste Concern’s compost plant in Bulta is registered under the Clean Development Mechanism act. It was officially opened in November 2008.

Laden with vegetable scraps and organic refuse, trucks from Dhaka’s Karwan Bazaar arrive hourly at Bulta; after being weighed, each truck heads towards the pre-composting area. All the data pertaining to weight are electronically stored and monitored, thus preventing data manipulation.

The following images show different aspects of the Bulta compost plant. The plant has hosted visits by several foreign delegations.

World's first compost plant commissioned under a CDM project at BULTA
Pre-composting Shed Partial View of the Compost Plant at Bulta, Narayanganj
World's First Compost Plant using Carbon Trading in Bulta, Narayanganj.  Opening of the Compost Plant at Bulta, Narayanganj on December 25, 2008 
Opening of the Compost Plant at Bulta, Narayanganj on December 25, 2008   Organic Waste Collected from Vegetable Markets
and Other Sources  
Electronic Weighing Bridge Used for Documenting
the Incoming Amount of Waste. 
Data Recorded for Proper Monitoring
of Incoming Waste 
Wheel Loader Used for Composting Process  Monitoring Oxygen Level in the Compost Pile 
Temperature Monitoring  Blowers forcing Oxygen in the Organic Waste Heap
for Aerobic Condition. 
Reusing Water from Leachet Tank to Maintain Moisture Content in the Organic Waste Heap in Pre-comosting Shed  Partial View of the Maturing Shed 
Matured Compost Pile in the Maturing Shed  Drum Screen Used for Screening Matured Compost 
Matured Compost Screened by
Mechanical Drum Screen 
Finished Compost Piled in Storage Space 
Women Workers Bagging Finished Compost  Stitching Compost Bags 
Bags of Finished Compost Ready for Marketing  Workers of the Compost Plant Enjoying
Better Working Condition 
Free Meal Provided for the Poor Workers
in Bulta Plant 
Free Meal Provided for the Poor Workers in Compost Plant