enayetullah_newA civil engineer-urban planner by profession, the Co-founder and Director of Waste Concern is also the Managing Partner of Waste Concern Consultants. For more than twenty-five years, he has been working, conducting research, operating, and managing projects in the following fields: solid waste management, sanitation, waste water management, urban environmental management, clean energy, inclusive business development, and social innovation. He is actively involved in planning, designing, and implementing several waste management projects in Bangladesh as well as in Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Nepal. He is also involved in designing, financing, and implementing Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) based waste management and energy projects in Bangladesh and in other developing countries.  

Iftekhar Enayetullah has authored and co-authored seven technical books and published more than one hundred technical reports. He retains a patent on waste recycling technology. He is also serving as a reviewer of several environmental engineering journals published from Bangladesh and abroad. In addition to these, he is also serving as an external examiner of post-graduate theses as well as a guest speaker for several universities. Iftekhar Enayetullah’s professional work through Waste Concern is being taught in the United States, Europe, and in Bangladesh as a case study in several universities’ graduate programs of business and development studies.

Iftekhar Enayetullah has travelled extensively throughout Asia, Europe, and America as a Resource Speaker in international workshops and seminars and lectured extensively regarding waste management, waste minimization, circular economy, resource efficiency, pro-poor infrastructure development, public-private partnerships, sanitation, clean development mechanism/greenhouse gas emission reductions, and sustainable development.

Iftekhar Enayetullah has advised numerous international agencies, development banks, and other organizations regarding sustainable waste management, sanitation, waste to energy and urban environmental management.

Iftekhar Enayetullah is a recipient of several national and international awards including: United Nations (UN) Poverty Eradication Award, Tech Museum Award from USA, Intel Environmental Award, Outstanding Engineer’s Award from Institute of Engineers Bangladesh, Schwab Fellow of the World Economic Forum (WEF), and Ashoka Fellow. He also served as a member of the Global Agenda Council of the World Economic Forum (WEF).