Impact of Waste Concern’s Work in Bangladesh ( Excluding the CDM Project in Dhaka)

Year Waste Processed
Compost Produced (T/Year) Beneficiary
Per Year
Jobs Created/Year
Landfill Area Saved Per Year
Currency Saved By Avoiding Import of Chemical Fertilizer (US $)
Value of Compost
(US $) in Local Market
2001 2904 635 23,333 24 2792.9 24,355 22,678
2006 34083 8987.25 434,890 414 37271.3 326,809 320,964
( Total)
124,400 31,100 1.54 million 986 134,043.8 or 33.12 acre of land with 1 m depth 1.24 million 1.10 million

Waste Concern’s diverse projects have created numerous direct and indirect benefits for the economy and the environment. Excluding the CDM project in Dhaka, the impact that Waste Concern has in Bangladesh in the environmental and economic sectors is reflected by the following data: from 2001 to 2006, US $ 1.24 million in foreign currency was saved by avoiding the import of chemical fertilizers. During the same time period, 124,400 tons of waste were processed with 986 direct jobs being created annually. The total value of the compost sold in the local market between 2001 to 2006 was US $ 1.10 million.

Waste Concern also extends itself in the policy-making arena, steering environmentally-appropriate governmental regulations, both existing and new. To date, we have been influential in the development of 27 governmental policies:

  1. Urban Management Policy Statement 1998
  2. National Agriculture Policy 1999
  3. Dhaka Declaration on Waste Management by SAARC 2004
  4. Dhaka Environnent Management Plan 2005
  5. Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) 2005
  6. National Sanitation Strategy 2005
  7. Pro- Poor Strategy for Water and Sanitation Sector 2005
  8. Private Sector Housing Development Guideline 2005
  9. National Industrial Policy 2005
  10. National CDM Strategy 2005
  11. Solid Waste Management Action Plan for Eight Secondary Towns in Bangladesh 2005
  12. Draft National Solid Waste Management Handling Rule 2005
  13. Draft Plastic Waste Recycling Strategy 2005
  14. Fertilizer Act 2006
  15. Lead Acid Battery Recycling and Management Rules 2006
  16. Biomedical Waste Management Rules 2008
  17. Circular to Promote Compost by the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), 2008
  18. Draft Hazardous Waste Management Policy of Bangladesh 2009
  19. Draft National 3R Strategy 2009

Apart from the above, Waste Concern also spearheaded efforts at influencing the government to develop national policies and guidelines in the following issues:

  1. Established Designated National Authority for CDM projects
  2. Developed CDM Project Approval Process for Government
  3. Environment Management System (EMS) for Industries
  4. National Economic Review included CDM as a mode of investment
  5. Involved in the process of developing the Strategy for Sustainable Development
  6. Created example of Public Private Community Partnership (PPCP) as approach for Urban Services
  7. Developed New Methodology for Composting as CDM Project
  8. Comprehensively promoted the concept “Waste as Resource” throughout the country