MOU signed by Waste Concern and WWR

September 2004, Waste Concern Consultants of Bangladesh and World Wide Recycling  signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), thus reinforcing their mutual commitment to set-up a large scale Recycling Center in Dhaka.

The Recycling Center will handle 50% of the Municple Solid Waste produced in Dhaka . The initial focus will be on composting of organic material and on the capture of landfill gas (Methane, a harmful greenhouse gas) and its conversion into electricity. Operations are planned to start in the second half of 2005. Under the Clean Development Mechanism of the United Nations (CDM) this should become the first project in the world where carbon credits will be earned through composting activities.


The electricity will be sold to the local power utilities

The compost will (partly) be enriched and can then be used as additive/ substitute for chemical fertilizer in the Bangladeshi agricultural industry. By-products (e.g. metal, paper & plastics) will be sold to local vendors.


Waste Concern (WC) is a national non-governmental research based organization, established in 1995, working in the field of waste management, environmental management and Clean Development Mechanism. Presently Waste Concern is implementing several projects on waste management, composting and environmental management in several cities and towns in co-operation with the Government of Bangladesh and international agencies such as UNDP and UNICEF. Waste Concern is the only organization in Bangladesh with vast experience and proven record on waste management. In 2002, Waste Concern received the United Nation's prestigious "Poverty Eradication Award" and the Tech Museum Award, USA in 2003 for "Technology for Humanity". Apart from these international recognitions, Waste Concern received National recognition for its work in the field of environment and waste management.
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World Wide Recycling BV (WWR) is a global, responsible partner for both private and public authorities, acting as an investor and an operator in the field of high quality sustainable waste treatment. WWR uses in-house developed, proven technologies for the recycling of waste and the production of energy from waste.

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