Waste Concern

5926-REG/ Public-Private-Community Partnership in Urban Services for the Poor

Client: Asian Development Bank    Manila, Philippines

Description of work:

  • Analyzed the current development patterns, future trends, and strategic focus in water supply, sanitation, and solid waste management sub sectors in Bangladesh. Reviewed the national and local policies and plans for private sector participation in the provision of urban services, particularly with regard to the urban poor;
  • Reviewed overall the status of privatization programs and related laws and regulations in Bangladesh. Examined the funding mechanisms for urban infrastructure and proportion of financial participation by the private sector;
  • Examined the modalities and contractual arrangements for private sector participation in water supply, sanitation and solid waste management. In particular assessed the contracts relating to public-private-community arrangements designed to make services available to the poor communities;
  • Recommended institutional and contractual arrangements likely to enhance private sector participation in urban services;
  • Consulted with relevant government officials, investors, private companies, NGOs, CBOs in Bangladesh to assess the benefits and problems concerning private sector participation in urban services for the urban poor; and
  • Participated in the inception workshop and regional forum as a Resource Person.


Location: Bangladesh


No. of person-months provided by Waste Concern:  1 man-months


Period: January 2001-June 2001