Waste Concern

Prepare Interactive User’s Manual on Decentralized Composting and Paper on Financing, Up-scaling & Replication of Community-based Solid Waste Management

Client United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), Bangkok, Thailand Description of work: The UNESCAP project on Solid Waste Management, under the supervision of the Chief of the Poverty Reduction Section (Poverty and Development Division), has adapted the innovative community-based composting model of Waste Concern (Bangladesh), and is currently testing […]

Study on E-Waste in Bangladesh

Client: Re-Tem Corporation, Japan Description of work: Re-Tem Corporation, a large private reputed E-waste recycling company based in Japan. To establish e-waste collection and recycling business in Bangladesh, Re-tem engaged Waste Concern Consultants to conduct a feasibility study which was financed under SME promotion program for Japanese companies by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency). During […]

Assist Qui Nhon City of Vietnam and Matale city of Sri Lanka in adapting the Waste Concern model of solid waste management including CDM

Client: UN-ESCAP, Bangkok, Thailand Description of work: Prepare detailed work plan for providing advisory services to the two participating towns Visit Qui Nhon City and Matale to prepare pre-feasibility report on community based solid waste management and small-scale CDM projects on waste sector (landfill gas recovery, composting, biomethanantion etc) Assist in developing a preliminary planning […]

Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for Industries

Client    Local Enterprise Investment Center (LEIC) under IIDLC Finance Ltd   Description of work:     The project supported development of EMPs in Bangladesh.   Activities performed:  Prepared environmental plan for 20 industries which included waste and energy management action plans as well as pollution mitigation strategies for the industries.   Location:     Bangladesh   Period:      2008

Programmatic CDM Project on Solid Waste Management for 64 Districts of Bangladesh

Client :   (DoE)/GoB  Description of work:   Design and implementation of a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project based on waste composting and recycling in 64 districts of Bangladesh. Phase 1 of the project covers the areas of Narayanganj, Rangpur, Mymensingh and Cox’s Bazar Municipalities. The projects aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by having an […]

Assessment of Solid Waste Management Opportunities in Bangladesh

Client    Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)   Description of work:     Under the project, Waste Concern Consultants provided the followings inputs: Prepared an overview of the solid waste management sector in Bangladesh and identified possible financing opportunities and suitable structures for AIIB to consider based on relevant global practices and considering Bangladesh’s context.   […]

Strengthening Medical Waste Management in the Greater Dhaka Area

Client:    Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, Government of UK  Description of work:   Under this project, Waste Concern has carried out following activities: Preparation of awareness raising materials for hospitals and health care workers and organization of training focusing on all hospital waste management, including disposal of used PPE and samples of COVID-19 testing which […]

Barrel Type Composting in Two Slums of Dhaka city

Client: LIFE-UNDP Description of work:  Design and implementation of barrel type composting technology in two slums of Dhaka. The assignment also included community mobilization, capacity building of community groups on environmental issues as well as operation and maintenance of composting barrels.   Location: Bangladesh   No. of person-months provided by Waste Concern:  6 man-months         […]