Waste Concern

Design of Integrated Waste Management Facilities in Cambodia and Lao PDR

Client    Rambøll Denmark A/S   Description of work:    As sub-consultant of Rambøll Denmark A/S, Waste Concern Consultants (WCC) provided the following services: -Design the master plan landfill sites. -Prepare detailed design, BOQ and specifications for landfill site. -Prepare design and BOQ for Material Recovery Facility (MRF) with specifications. -Prepare the specifications for all equipment […]

Mapping and Screening Study of Marine Littering Projects in Bangladesh

Client    The Royal Norwegian Embassy, Dhaka   Description of work:    The purpose of this consultancy work was to map and screen ongoing and/or potential new projects in Bangladesh connected to preventing or significantly reducing the extent of marine litter from major sources. Closely coordinated with the Government of Bangladesh’s policies and plans, Waste Concern […]

Baseline Survey for the Material Flow Analysis for Waste Plastics and Hotspots Assessment for Marine Plastic Debris in Bangladesh

Client    The World Bank Group   Description of work:    Under this assignment, Waste Concern Consultants is undertaking (but is not limited to) the tasks described below:   Task 1: Hotspots assessment for marine plastic debris. Task 2: Waste composition and material flow analysis for waste plastics. Task 3: Stakeholder analysis for Dhaka Metropolitan Area. […]