Waste Concern

Environmental Plan for Tabani Beverage Company Limited

Client:  Coca Cola, South Asia


Description of work:   


  • Waste Water: Collection of Waste Water Flow data for
  • identification of EPIs
  • Hazardous Waste:
    • Collection of data regarding sludge generation as well as
  • non hazardous waste generation;
    • Development of sludge disposal system;
    • Development of septic tank cleaning system using vaccu-tag
  • and proper disposal of faecal sludge from septic tanks;
    • Development of waste disposal system of used oil and paint;
    • Development of waste recycling system for broken glass and
  • bottles;
    • Development of proper signage system for containers with
  • hazardous materials;
    • Development of asbestos management system.
  • Inspection of Pressure Vessels and Safety Valves
    • Development of annual inspection procedure as well as
  • emergency response plan;
    • Collection and maintenance of data; and
    • Inspection of pressure vessels;
  • Emergency Response Procedure (ERP) For the Ammonia
  • Refrigeration System
    • Development of ERP for refrigeration system;
    • Development of asbestos management system; and
    • Development of annual inspection procedure system.
  • Legal Compliance
    • Assist TBCL to prepare all necessary documents for
  • Environmental/legal compliance;
    • Preparation of Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for Tabani Beverage Company Limited


Location:  Dhaka


Period: January 2008- May 2008