Waste Concern

Environmental Sanitation and Faecal Sludge Management

Preparation of Sanitation and Drainage Improvement Strategy and Master Plan Project for the City of Chittagong

Sanitation Action Plan for 30 Municipalities of Bangladesh and Technology Demonstration on Faecal. Sludge Management under Third Urban Governance and Infrastructure Improvement Project.

Sanitation Plan for Four Coastal Towns under Coastal Towns Infrastructure Improvement Project.

Preparation of Sanitation Master Plan for Eight Towns in Bangladesh.

Pilot Projects on Solid Waste Management of Environmental Sanitation, Hygiene and Water Supply in Urban Slums and Fringes.

Design of faecal sludge collection and treatment system for secondary towns of Bangladesh.Design of eco-toilets for several towns.

Design of waste water treatment and management system for pesticide formulation factory, tea garden and pathological laboratory. Design of waste water treatment system for secondary