Waste Concern

Feasibility Study for Employment Generation Activity Through Solid Waste Collection, Composting and Recycling



Description of work:  This study was carried out under the project entitled Local Partnerships for Urban Poverty Reduction Project UNDP/UN-HABITAT/LGED PROJECT BGD/98/006.  The executing agent is the Local Government Division of the Bangladesh Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives and the Government implementing agency is the Local Government Engineering Department (LGED).  The major output of the study was to come up with a economic feasibility study for a business based on solid waste management in three community cluster of three wards in three towns.


Tasks Under the Project: 

  • Conduct Physical and questionnair survey among households to estimate the composition and quanitity of waste generation on a daily basis.
  • Estimamation of cost of collection, sorting and processing of waste including the cost of equipment required;
  • Estimation of expected profit from sale of compost and recyclables and house to house waste collection fee
  • Identification of site required for composting and recycling waste.
  • Development of management and business plan of the waste collection, composting and recycling scheme in three towns.


Location: Narayangang Municipality, Mymensingh Pourashava and Bogra Pourashava of Bangladesh.


Period: June 1 to July 31, 2005