Waste Concern

Integrated Urban Water Management at the Centre of Municipal Public Services

Client    Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association (BORDA) – Liaison Office (LO) 

Description of work:  

This project is based on replication, innovation, integration and dissemination. The partner towns for the project are Savar municipality and Kushtia municipality. The project would focus on solid waste and waste water management for both the municipalities. Apart from the partner towns there will be few associate towns in which the soft components are expected to take place. As in, replication of multiple tools, SFD/WFD, would be applied to associate towns. Climate Action Plan is a significant document for a disaster-stricken country like Bangladesh. Climate action plan for the partner towns would be prepared. This would identify the factors for making the municipality resilient to climate change. This would also take into account the issue of gender sensitivity. 

Location:    Bangladesh

Period:    2024-2026