Waste Concern provides laboratory test facilities for both public and private sectors upon payment. This laboratory is endorsed by the Government of Bangladesh.

To view a list of the equipments available within the laboratory, please click here.
To view a list of the test facilities available at Waste Concern Laboratory, please click here.

Laboratory Facilities

aasAtomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
Elemental analysis

gas_anyzGas Meter
Landfill Gas measurement

hotplate1Hot Plate
For heating

cod_meterCOD Meter
To test waste water quality

Concentration and absorbency measurement Report
measurement of total Nitrogen

flamephotometer1Flame Photometer
Determine the presence of Na,K,Ca, Li in RPM

micro_digesion1Micro kjeldalh Digestion and distillation
total nitrogen determination
digestion and distillation

mechanical_top1Mechanical top loading balance
to take weight

phmeter1PH meter
pH measurement

dissolved_oxygen1Dissolved Oxygen Meter
Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Measurement
Biological Oxygen demand (BOD) Measurement

electricoven1Electric Oven 28L Binder
Moisture content determination

distillation_system1Distillation System with Programming
determine the amount of total nitrogen

minisound_meterMini Sound Lebel Meter
Sound lebel measurement

lux_meter1Lux meter
Light lebel measurement

analytic_balance1Analytical Balance
To weight sample