Waste Concern

Strengthening Medical Waste Management in the Greater Dhaka Area

Client    Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, Government of UK


Description of work: 


Under this project, Waste Concern will carry out following activities:


  1. Preparation of awareness raising materials for hospitals and health care workers and organization of training focusing on all hospital waste management, including disposal of used PPE and samples of COVID-19 testing which are bio hazardous in nature.
  2. Supply shredders and sharps disposal containers in all hospitals and testing facilities. Priority should be given to all hospitals treating COVID-19 patients.
  3. Supply storage bins for PPE.
  4. Supply of special medical waste collection vehicles for two City Corporations.
  5. Awareness raising amongst municipal workers and municipalities for segregated disposal of PPE and medical waste.
  6. Supply of PPE for all municipal solid waste collection and disposal staff.
  7. Supply of one intermediate secondary controlled landfill for disposal of medical waste as an interim facility one city corporation and installation of 1 (one) incinerator for biomedical waste treatment.
  8. Preparation of SOPs for medical waste management


Location:     Bangladesh
Period:    October 2020 to June 2022