Waste Concern

Study on E-Waste in Bangladesh

Client: Re-Tem Corporation, Japan

Description of work:

Re-Tem Corporation, a large private reputed E-waste recycling company based in Japan. To establish e-waste collection and recycling business in Bangladesh, Re-tem engaged Waste Concern Consultants to conduct a feasibility study which was financed under SME promotion program for Japanese companies by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency). During the study 8 (eight) items from E-Waste were selected, they are mobile phones, computers & laptop, television, CFL, fan, refrigerator& deep Fridge and air conditioners. Under this assignment Waste Concern Consultants made the following assessments:

• Consumption volume of Bangladesh (Current, last 5 years, next 5 year

• E-Waste volume (Current, last 5 years, next 5 years)

• Sleeping stock.

• Details of brokers &repairers

• Information on E-Waste dealers

Location:  Bangladesh

Period:  April 2015 to June 2015