Waste Concern

Inventory of Hazardous Waste in Bangladesh

Client    ADB/DOE   Description of work:     Preparation of an inventory of Hazardous Waste in Bangladesh.   Activities performed: i) Updated the inventory of hazardous wastes, as a basis to formulate the hazardous wastes management regulation; ii) Reviewed the present studies on hospital wastes and lead batteries, as well as POPs  iii) Identified key […]

Technical Support to the Staffs of Better Business to Improve Physical & Environmental Condition of Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs)

Client: Swisscontact- Katalyst   Objectives of the Project: The main objective of this assignment is to provide technical support for improvement of the working condition of SMEs located at old part of Dhaka   Description of work:  Most of the time SMEs in Bangladesh do not comply with healthy and environmental-friendly practices in their workplaces.  The […]

Managing Hazardous Waste

Location: Bangladesh   Name of Client: Asian Development Bank (ADB), Manila, Philippines   Project Background: In many developing countries, including Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and India, increased economic activity causes negative impacts on the environment. Economic activities associated with industry, agriculture, health services, and other service sectors generate chemical and hazardous wastes, which if left unmanaged, can lead […]