Waste Concern

Implementation of Two CDM projects (landfill gas recovery with power generation and composting of organic waste) in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Client:  World Wide Recycling (WWR), Netherlands   Description of work: Providing technical assistance in design implementation of landfill gas recovery project including height increase of landfill site, leachate treatment and composting of organic waste. Also providing assistance in preparation of methodology for the meth panel of UNFCCC.   Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh   No. of person-months provided […]

TA 9781 REG: Developing South Asian Livable Cities Facility

Client    Asian Development Bank (ADB).   Description of work:    The duties and responsibilities being performed are as follows: i) Prepare solid waste management and faecal sludge feasibility study for Bagerhat municipality and preliminary engineering designs incorporating climate resilience and mitigation; ii)Identify, assess, and evaluate interventions (both hard and soft) stemming from climate-resilient integrated solid […]