Waste Concern

Environmental Plan for Tabani Beverage Company Limited

Client:  Coca Cola, South Asia   Description of work:      Waste Water: Collection of Waste Water Flow data for identification of EPIs Hazardous Waste: Collection of data regarding sludge generation as well as non hazardous waste generation; Development of sludge disposal system; Development of septic tank cleaning system using vaccu-tag and proper disposal of […]

Desk Study for Organic Waste Management Project in South Asia

Client    ADB   Description of work:     The desk study investigated options for management of organic wastes in South Asia.   Activities performed: Prepared a technical report on organic waste management for South Asian cities, comprising identification of appropriate waste management options given the specific regional and local contexts of each South Asian country. […]

Assessment of Green Jobs in Bangladesh

Client:  ILO   Description of work:      Detailed assessment of Green Jobs in three sectors, i.e., waste management, renewable energy and construction to identify intervention points of promoting green jobs   Location:    Bangladesh   Period:    May  2009  to December  2010

TA 9781 REG: Developing South Asian Livable Cities Facility

Client    Asian Development Bank (ADB).   Description of work:    The duties and responsibilities being performed are as follows: i) Prepare solid waste management and faecal sludge feasibility study for Bagerhat municipality and preliminary engineering designs incorporating climate resilience and mitigation; ii)Identify, assess, and evaluate interventions (both hard and soft) stemming from climate-resilient integrated solid […]

Integrated Urban Water Management at the Centre of Municipal Public Services in Bangladesh

Client Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association (BORDA)   Description of work:    The project was conceived and formulated by BORDA with funding from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The focus of this project is on promoting integrated and decentralized water and sanitation solutions for small municipalities in the South […]