Waste Concern

Barrel Type Composting in Two Slums of Dhaka city

Client: LIFE-UNDP Description of work:  Design and implementation of barrel type composting technology in two slums of Dhaka. The assignment also included community mobilization, capacity building of community groups on environmental issues as well as operation and maintenance of composting barrels.   Location: Bangladesh   No. of person-months provided by Waste Concern:  6 man-months         […]

Bangladesh Green Development Programme

Client:    UNDP   Description of work:      Under this project Waste Concern Consultants provided  services as National Expert, industrial pollution management and clean development mechanism. Identified and prepared projects for investment by UNDP for the Bangladesh Green Development Program. Location:     Bangladesh   Period:    April 2012 to June 2012

Capacity Development for CDM in Bangladesh under Sustainable Environment Management Program

Client    MoEF / UNDP   Description of work:     The project supported the development of an institutional framework and capacity building for implementation of CDM projects in Bangladesh.   Activities performed: Developed policy guideline and institutional framework for implementation of CDM projects in Bangladesh. Drafted National Strategy for CDM. Developed the structure of the […]

Study of Potential of Waste Recycling, Composting in the city of Jessore, Bangladesh.

Client: UNIDO & UNDP              Description of work: Assessed the volume of rubbish collected and collectable by the Municipality of Jessore and convertible into compost & dry fertilizer; Studied the state of art of waste composting in Dhaka; Obtained from Jessore the basic statistics on current rubbish disposal practices & volumes; and Prepared a brief pre- […]