Waste Concern

Consultancy Services for Solid Waste & Faecal Sludge Management under the MDS Consultant, CRDP Project

Client    ADB/LGED


Description of work:


Under this project Waste Concern Consultants is responsible as sub-consultant of Hifab International AB for review of existing data on solid waste for selected cities and towns as well as identification of gaps in the service chain of solid waste management, identification of potential options for solid waste recycling, treatment, disposal and recommendation of best possible options for the selected cities. Moreover, under this project Waste Concern Consultants is responsible for engineering design of controlled landfill and resource recovery facilities and recommendation of most suitable options for implementation of the project involving the private sector.  Apart from the solid waste, Waste Concern Consultant is also responsible for review of faecal sludge management services of selected cities as well as estimation of demand for feacal sludge collection and treatment and design of appropriate faecal sludge management system including preparation of business plan.


Location:     Bangladesh


Period:    August 2015 to April 2016