Waste Concern

TA 9347-REG: Pacific Urban Development Investment Planning and Capacity Development Facility

Asian Development Bank (ADB)


Description of work: 


Activities Performed:

Reviewed available data and documents, assessed gaps and opportunities to develop local or sub-regional SWM systems promoting 3Rs principles;

  • Provided initial technical recommendations based on consultations, available information, and clearly stated assumptions;
  • Worked with the established team to incorporate SWM options and recommendations into holistic urban and regional development initiatives, which included urban planning, economic development, sanitation, and environmental protection activities
  • Identified knowledge gaps to be filled to inform decision-making
  • Recommended high-level phased plan for introducing and improving SWM system, covering both physical and non-physical interventions
  • Prepared and delivered presentations, provided advice and facilitated discussions.


Location:     Solomon Islands.


Period:    March 2022 to August 2022