Waste Concern

Diagnostic of Biogas Efficiency in Camps and Guidance for Comprehensive and Environmentally Safe Waste and Faecal Sludge Management

Client    Action Contre la Faim (ACF)   Description of work:   Under this project Waste Concern Consultants provided technical support to improve the performance of the biogas plant and as well as designed the sludge drying bed, waste water treatment system and solid waste management system for the refugee camp..   Location:     Bangladesh   Period:    March 2015 […]

Consulting Service to Improve Slaughterhouse Waste Management Using Biogas Technology at Gazipur City Corporation

Client    GIZ   Description of work:     The main aim of the assignment was to manage bio-slurry from biogas digester along with introduction of sand filter, trickling filter and co-composting dry slurry with organic waste using aerobic composting technology.   Activities performed: Under this assignment, Waste Concern Consultants provided technical support to assess slaughterhouse […]