Waste Concern

Environmental Plan for Tabani Beverage Company Limited

Client:  Coca Cola, South Asia   Description of work:      Waste Water: Collection of Waste Water Flow data for identification of EPIs Hazardous Waste: Collection of data regarding sludge generation as well as non hazardous waste generation; Development of sludge disposal system; Development of septic tank cleaning system using vaccu-tag and proper disposal of […]

Coastal Towns Infrastructure Improvement Project (ADB TA-8128 BAN)

Client    LGED/ADB   Description of work:     The main aim of the project was to prepare a sanitation action plan for four coastal towns of Bangladesh.   Activities performed:  As a Sanitation Planning Expert, prepared sanitation action plan for 4 coastal towns of Bangladesh.  Sanitation action plan included business strategy for sustainable O&M faecal […]

Pro-poor and Sustainable Solid Waste Management in Secondary Cities and Small Towns Project

Client    UN-ESCAP   Description of work:     The project activities comprised of the following: baseline survey, design and support in relation to the operation and treatment of the faecal sludge management system, and development of business plan and policy document on faecal sludge management.   Activities performed: Conducted a baseline survey on the sanitation […]